Lambda Station News

The CMS Tier2 center at University of Nebraska successfully recovered data by using Lambda Station.

October 17, 2007

Data losses happen, but quick recovery takes away the sting. It took UNL just 32 hours to recover 100TB of raw data by using Lambda Station to steer traffic over Internet2's Dynamic Circuit Networks.

Internet2 hits 100Gbps, could scale 10x beyond that.

Ars Technica, October 9, 2007

Excerpt: The prospect of dialing up a dedicated 10Gbps optical link between your office and another firm across the country became a reality today—at least, if your office is a member of Internet2. The research network announced at its fall meeting that it had completed a major upgrade to its national infrastructure, which now operates at 100Gbps and allows researchers to provision their own dedicated links for limited periods of time.

Internet2 Fall Member Meeting.

October 8-11, 2007

Lambda Station's capabilities have been extended to interact with Dynamic Circuit Networks. During the meeting a UNL physicist ran a data movement operation involving several hundred gigabytes from Fermilab, which Lambda Station directed onto Internet2's new Dynamic Circuit Network. A joint effort of Internet2, ESNet, Fermilab and UNL ran a demo presenting created the capability of creating dynamic circuit connections between the USCMS Tier1 production facility at Fermilab and the Tier2 center at the University of Nebraska. Lambda Station invoked the circuit setup and regulated intra-site routing at each end. When circuit was established, about 3 minutes after the initial request, Lambda Station gracefully redirected the traffic into the circuit and rates quickly reached about 9Gbps.